my story started the moment a soul was looking for new adventures in an unknown world

And this is how it all began…

When my mother Spyridoula decided to open a SOUVENIR shop on Elafonisos island in the summer of 1984, she was inspired by her own life experience of immigration to Australia at the age of 16. When she returned to Greece in her early 30s, what was she carrying in her suitcase? Memories!Souvenirs of wonderful moments! 

The souvenirs she took from Greece helped her not to forget her roots. The ones she brought back from Sydney were everything that she had learnt there and what she had made herself. 

This is how she taught our family to create great memories for ourselves and “dress them up” with beautiful objects such as ornaments, clothes and accessories. Souvenirs for us, are not just mugs, magnets and post cards that remind us the place we have visited. They are everything we choose to make our memories with. Moreover, our love for Greece and its women led us to embrace Greek products of good quality. We travelled around our country to find small industries, ceramicists, millinery and shoemakers whose works of art we choose to feature in our shop. Products that give life to the memories of those who visited the island of Elafonisos. 

This is how 37 years went by…Our shop has now passed down to the next generation. Me, Maria, with all the love and passion my mother taught me for work, for Greece,for women and of course SOUVENIRS! Today we are here to present you our new e-shop, our SOUVENIR! We hope that we will make your memories a little bit more fabulous! And of course, we look forward to seeing you all in Elafonisos!

With great love and appreciation,